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Bankruptcy is often the best option because it offers so many benefits.

You can stop most phone calls immediately by telling callers to “call my lawyer.”

You can also stop wage garnishments and lawsuits from creditors.

And if your bankruptcy is successfully “discharged,” your debt may be eliminated entirely.

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  • Russ made me feel at ease with my bankruptcy he kept me informed about how things would go and there were no surprises everything went as planned and now I get a fresh start to putting my life back back together. Thanks team Cope !!
    Michael Feb 2019
  • Russ and his team made a difficult situation much more bearable. I am so glad I made that phone call. Russ was understanding, non-judgmental and his whole team put my mind at ease about everything. Thank you all, for giving my peace of mind and a new start.
    Anonymous Nov 2018
  • I was in a serious hole and didn't know where to turn. Russ not only helped me get out of that hole, he explained everything that was happening along the way in words that I could understand. I'd recommend Russ and Cope Law Office to anyone and everyone!
    Danny Nov 2017

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